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Tainan Municipal Dacheng Junior High School                   

Address:No.306, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 70245, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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Brief History

In fact, Dacheng Municipal Junior High School is not its original name. Formerly referred to as Tainan Municipal Junior High School , the school is now known as Dacheng Municipla Junior High School . In September 1946, considering that the education is the foundation of a nation, Tainan city government decided to establish the first junior high school, and named it “ Tainan Municipal Junior High School .” In August 1968, it was renamed Dacheng Municipal Junior High School , because nine-year compulsory education was put into practice.  




Dah Cheng was originally located in Zong Yi Road . Due to the fact that the original place was too small, Principal Liu Yu-chi asked the government for its approval to relocate the school to the first section on Simen Road . His proposal was approved. After moving to this new location, Principal Liu attempted to improve the quality of the education by turning up old campus, and buying new facilities actively, got improved.



Educational Reform in Dacheng

I. Educational System Reform

In addition to its changes in both the name and location, Dacheng underwent various education reforms as well. These reforms help the school become perfect.

In the primary stage, Dacheng had classes for both junior and senior high school students. When Liu Yu-chi took over the position as Principal, he expanded the numbers of classes. As a result, the school contained five classes for senior high and eighteen classes for junior high.

In 1955, the scale of Dacheng was bigger. With the head of school Hsieh Hsin-chou’s leading, the territory of the school was not only on Simen Road . It had its branch on Kung Yuan Region ( NowYen Ping Junior High School ).

However, in 1960, the school only focused on cultivating junior high school students.  Therefore, it only kept classes for junior high students. The school’s decision was in relation to response to the central government’s policy. While we lost the opportunity to enroll senior high school students, the numbers of classes were more than before. School included fifty-four classes for junior high school students.

These reforms brought not so much as a chance. After these reforms, our school becomes well-known in south. The school attracts a lot of students.


II. Various Educational Designs

While becoming a well-known junior high school in south, Dacheng never stopped pursuing the progress. Aside from emphasizing on general classes, the school developed various tracks for students’ learning to find their interests. Music experimental class was founded to fulfill this goal in 1982. This kind of class is designed to the students with music talent from different districts. The specially designed class not only addresses students’ needs, but also provides general courses. On the one hand, they are provided the relevant courses, and facilities, so that their professional skills can be improved. On the other hand, they still have to take required courses as others. With dual-track training, students in Music experimental class have more choices to continue their studies.              

   In addition, Dacheng not only notices students’ further studies but also emphasizes on enhancing students’ occupational skills. To increase the students’ working opportunities, vocational education was implemented in 1986. Under the vocational education system, there are two kinds of occupational classes. One is Automobile Repairing and Maintenance Class, and the other one is Make & Haring Class. All courses are designed for students’ interests and needs. This effort is the most widely acclaimed achievement of the school.



Current Development

         Dacheng is now a reputed educational institution, thanks to its former Principals and staff who paved the way for us, and to its current Principal Mr. Chen Kun-song under whose guidance, all staff still hold on the formers’ spirits and devote themselves to both teaching and promoting students’ qualities. Every year, we recruit distinguished and dedicated teachers to promote the quality of teaching because we know our mission is to cultivate excellent students. Additionally, we constantly revamp facilities to provide modern equipment for teaching and learning. We know we are not good enough. We need suggestions from different voices. Your suggestions are mostly welcome.  


The Characteristics

  1. Based upon the principles of school, “Solicitude, Rationality, Wisdom, Action,” to design curriculum and hold activities.
  2. Practicing the art of leadership, and focusing on cooperation, school principles and harmony in order to unite all staff and teachers and to achieve the teaching and administrative goals.
  3. Promoting elaborate teaching methods, and being devoted to developing and holding workshops for teachers to build up teachers’ professional abilities.
  4. Emphasizing on active, various teaching methods.
  5. Updating teaching facilities, such as computer hardware and software, building research rooms, and visual and audio equipment.
  6. Designing various and creative assignments for students to do in summer and winter vacations.
  7. Developing liberal arts courses.
  8. Developing diverse English teaching methods, and activities.
  9. Using social resources effectively to help the development of school.
  10. Instituting Music Experimental Class.
  11. Balancing the development of five skills.
  12. Arranging the class for school dropouts.
  13. Having students take part in community service. They talk over and come up with their own plans.   
  14. Managing the curriculum for the lifetime learning.
  15. Training student athletes in various sports.
  16. Offering counseling services during lunch breaks.
  17. Taking care of the physical and mental challenged more.
  18. Setting up volunteering groups: We would like residents to take part in. Through this activity, it is able to increase the interaction between residents and the school. Therefore, residents are able to realize the school’s mission. .
  19. Offering vocational classes: Every year, about two to three hundred students apply for these classes.
  20. Developing one-on-one teaching for the students having learning difficulties.
  21. Receiving the honor of exceptional performances of the students and the school.
  22. Stressing the context-based education.
  23. Maintaining students’ disciplines of life effectively.







Principal's Office




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Student Affairs Division

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Chief of Hygiene Section



Chief of Physical Education Section


General Affairs Division

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Chief of Cashier Section


Counseling Division

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Chief of Special Education Section


Accounting Division

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Personnel Division

Director of Personnel




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